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Because one-on-one teachers profoundly change lives.

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"I love the one-on-one bond. I don't need a classroom to be a great teacher."
Alicia, Personal Teacher

Be a Personal Teacher.

Are you a childcare teacher, tutor or child specialist?
Would you like to offer your services privately? 
We give you tools to create a professional presence to make a difference on your own terms.

As a personal TeacherCare Online teacher, you can choose:

  • Your students and families.
  • To work in your home, the family home, or online. 
  • A full, part-time, hourly, temporary, or permanent position.

This is your opportunity to...

  • Make a lifelong impact.
  • Create your own classroom.
  • Partner with parents.
  • Use your creativity and unleash your passion.


Who chooses TeacherCare Online?

  • College and graduate students with child-related majors
  • Teachers who want a classroom alternative
  • Professors and psychologists
  • Social workers and daycare teachers
  • Retired teachers and professors
  • Other child or education-related professionals

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